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Chevrolet is most popular in Russia

Chevrolet was the most popular car of foreign make sold in Russia from January to September of 2007. The overall sales reached 131,653 cars, including the sales of GM-AvtoVAZ venture.

Ford is the second leader with 120,410 and it is followed by Toyota with 110,484. Overall, the sales of foreign cars in Russia surged 63% on year to 1,137,238 in January to September, according to statistics report of Carmakers Committee of the European Business Association in the RF.

The analysts attribute the stable growth of foreign car sales to higher income of the population and to expansion to Russia’s regions in addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Another factor is new opportunities opened by consumer loans. When a client chooses a car of foreign make, its quality and technology prevails over the low price.

As a result, quite a few foreign companies set to constructing or upgrading their plants in Russia. General Motors, for instance, intends to step up 2.5 fold the capacity of its facility constructed near St. Petersburg, enabling it to make up to 100,000 cars a year. The target to attain is to meet the booming demand for foreign cars in Russia. (