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Chateau Visz awarded restaurant of the year prize

Hungary's most famous Balaton restaurant wins recognition with its nouvelle Hungarian cuisine.

Chateau Visz, a few dozen kilometers south of Lake Balaton was awarded the Gösser Bock – Dining Guide prize for 2010. Alabárdos, Aranyszarvas, Babel Delicate, Bock Bisztró, Costes, Csalogány 26, Fausto's, Kistücsök and Onyx were the other nominees. The restaurant was chosen by the vote of a 60–member panel which includes restaurateurs, turism professionals, culinary bloggers and restaurant-goers.
Dining Guide has given out the award since 2004, and it has become one of the most coveted in its field. Previous winners include Fausto's (twice), Lou Lou (now closed), Bock Bisztró, and Costes. Costes won last year, before it had attained Hungary's first Michelin star.
Chateau Visz, a hotel and spa in Berencsepuszta, originally enlisted Michelin star-winner Erik Schröter as its chef, but it is now led by Stefan Gebhardt, who worked with Schröter for seven year. Dishes at the hotel include cock-wattles with fresh-water crayfish, Mangalicafat-puree and lobster-fumet, creamy celery foam soup with tonka beans, and dahlia sorbet.