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CEOs with strategic vision sought

Intersearch Worldwide, an umbrella organization of executive search companies, recently carried out a poll to find out what makes an effective CEO after the crisis.

The top-rated skill is strategic thinking, the poll reveals. This characteristic was selected by 11 out of the 16 respondents as their number one criterion, and was ranked second by the remaining five managers. Team-building skills and being result-orientated placed second, while authenticity, analytical skills and risk tolerance were less often selected. However, there was no “winner” overall, as not any of the skills accounted for more than 15% of responses.

The data indicates that all of the above-mentioned criteria are necessary to qualify for effective leadership.

The global way of thinking can also be seen among Hungarian managers, as their rankings matched that of the average of the 16 participating countries. In these uncertain and unforeseeable market conditions, managers and leaders try to find the right strategy and the person who knows this and is able to think and act accordingly.

The skill that is second-most appreciated by Hungarians is creativity. This is what one needs the most these days to build a smoothly working strategy, results of the poll show.