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Central Services Directorate changes name, profile

Hungary's Central Services Directorate (Központi Szolgáltatási Főigazgatóság, KSzF) changed its name to the Public Procurement and Supply Directorate (Közbeszerzési és Ellátási Főigazgatóság, KEF) on May 1, transforming the scope of its duties on that date as well, the National Development Ministry told MTI on Tuesday.

The ministry said that in the interest of increase efficiency and decreasing operating costs, the new Public Procurement and Supply Directorate will manage public-procurement activities for ministries and other government institutions, oversee the operation of buildings and vehicle fleets, supply government offices and provide technical assistance. Other government agencies will handle operations that do not fall under the new agency's authority.

IT operations has been taken over by 100% state-owned Kopint-Datorg.