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CBA getting stronger in Slovakia

Hungarian retail chain CBA has gained a very strong position in Slovakia, namely in Bratislava and its surroundings, by having COOP Jednota Bratislava among its members, Slovakian business daily Hospodárske Noviny reported.

COOP Jednota Bratislava, the strongest player on the Bratislava retail market, has 24 units in the capital and five of them are supermarkets of a large floorspace in the most frequented malls, Napi Gazdaság reports citing the Slovakian daily.

CBA Slovakia operates 560 shops in Slovakia and had €158 million revenue in 2009, being the seventh largest retail chain in the country, but it barely had any representation in Bratislava.

COOP Jednota Bratislava officially announced on Monday to leave COOP Jednota Slovensko's national network. The Slovakian-owned network joins 32 members and operates 2,300 units, having a revenue of €1.197 billion in 2009, making it the retail chain of the largest turnover in Slovakia. Tesco had €857 million, Metro €422 million while Billa had €387 million of turnover last year. Within the cooperation, COOP Jednota Bratislava was the largest company. 

In the present case, it was not CBA Kereskedelmi Kft to acquire in Slovakia but the local franchise partner of the Hungarian company. CBA is present in all neighboring countries, except for Austria, through its partners, strengthening also the export of Hungarian products in the region. (BBJ)