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Casino city project of EUR 5 billion to begin - Figyelő

A casino city's development project is to be started in few days' time near a small town in South Hungary, business paper Figyelő wrote. The project will be completed in about ten years, and will create thousands of new workplaces.

The construction works of the casino city to be built in the Bezenye, South Hungary, are to be started in a few days' time, after two years of silence, business weekly Figyelő’s latest issue published today.

Investors managed to secure funds for the first phase of the development process of the complex. Developers will spend around €5 billion (HUF 1340 billion) on the project during the period of ten years.

The preparation of an entertainment park of more than 300 hectares at the edge of Bezenye, a town near the Slovakian-Austrian-Hungarian border, has been going on for ten years, so far without any tangible result.

“Eurovegas”,invented by Austrian businessman, has been called the European version of Las Vegas by the Austrian weekly paper, Format.

The investment will create around 8,000 new workplaces.