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Canada: No visa, no migration

Canada has lifted visa requirements for Hungary, but both the Hungarian and the Canadian government would like to prevent a migration wave, like the one 7 or 8 years ago, when many gipsy people from Hungary sought refugee status in Canada, Diane Finley, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration told newswire, MTI.

Finley also reported that the purpose of her meeting with the representatives of the Hungarian government was to do all the possible measurements to avert a migration wave. One of the steps is the constant information flow between the two governments, she added. The Minister has not disclosed further details on the cooperation between the two governments.

Finley, however, emphasized that skilled workforce is needed in Canada, and the country welcomes everyone without visa as a tourist, and as a possible employee in case they have a visa. Those, seeking refugee status, on the other hand, will not be able to acquire it, Finley said.

Hungary has lost the privilege of visa-free travel to Canada some years ago, as too many Hungarians opted for such a status without being entitled for it at all. In 2007, 6000 tourist visa was issued for Hungarians, while less than 200 residence permits was applied for by Hungarian citizens.

Canada has lifted its visa requirement for Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian and Slovakian citizens on 2nd March, 2008. Right after it, announcements arose in the news that Hungarian minorities have already left for Canada to “see how the land lies” and others are ready to flee from Hungary as soon as possible. The Hungarian minority ombudsman then issued a communiqué, while the National Gypsy Minority Self-government told its minority people to leave the country. (Gazdasági Rádió)