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Businesses looking to secure data

Having put out the fires sparked by the crisis and the related difficulties, an increasing number of businesses are growing aware of the benefits of better coordinating their IT systems with their core business, a study by Deloitte revealed.

The IT-Business Balance Survey, conducted with the participation of 800 companies from 37 countries found that managers believe in greater number that the better the cooperation between a company’s IT centers and other departments, the better the overall operation of the firm is, said Lajos Antal, head of Deloitte’s IT security and data protection department.

The trend is mostly detectable in the finance sector, whereas manufacturing and real estate have yet to pick up. Cost is still a factor, since the study found that everyday operating expenses are more important in the daily budget than IT development spending.

Antal advised companies to involve their tech experts in the formulation of the business’ strategy, since their expertise play a crucial role in devising the most efficient framework of operation. At the same time, he noted that technological developments also require measuring the results, something that is still missing from the approach of most companies.

Data security is still a problem, underlined by the fact that the majority of companies do not consider it a major concern and are not aware of the related risks. Some 37% of respondents said they had no knowledge whatsoever of any attacks against the integrity of their data in the past years.

The Deloitte study found that IT outsourcing is no longer predominantly a tool to achieve cost efficiency, but to secure the highest level of professional qualifications on the market. (BBJ)