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Business sector employment rises yr/yr for third month in a row

The number of business sector employees in Hungary rose 2.8% yr/yr to 1,852,900 in July after a 2.2% rise in June and steady year-on-year drops between December 2008 and April 2010, figures published by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) show.

Employment in the sector rose 6,000 from June, rising for the fifth month in a row. The financial and economic crisis in the autumn of 2008 reduced the number of business sector jobs in Hungary by around 186,000. Business sector employment started to fall as early as in June 2008 after peaking at 1,980,900 in May 2008, and the number stabilized just under 1.8m between November 2009 and February 2010 before starting to rise in March.

Employment in the public sector totaled 780,700 in July. Of these people, 96,900 were employed in public work schemes.

The number of public sector employees rose 2.1% in the twelve months from July 2009. All of the rise stemmed from a 20.1% increase of those employed on public work schemes. Excluding such schemes, the number of public sector employees was down a slight 0.1% from a year earlier at 683,800 in July. In a month-on-month comparison, the overall number of public sector employees fell 9,200 in July after a 2,300 drop in June and 11,000-19,600 increases in the previous four months.

The overall number of employees rose 3.0% in twelve months to 2,736,800 in July, and was down 3,100 from June.

In January-July, the average number of employees was 2,680,400, up 0.6% from the same period a year earlier, as business sector employment fell 2.6% to 1,810,300 and public sector employment rose 4.5% to 769,300, again boosted by public work schemes.

Excluding the 83,900 people employed on average in these schemes, employment in the public sector averaged 685,400 in January-July, down 0.3% less from the same period a year earlier. The number of people in public work schemes jumped 72% during the period as government support for the programs grew.

Last year, average employment in Hungary fell 3.7% or by 137,900 from 2008, including a 157,400, or 6.7%, drop in business sector employment and a 16,800, or 3.6%, increase in the public sector, including public work schemes. The number of people employed in public work schemes nearly doubled to an average 61,000 in 2009. (MTI-Econews)