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Bulgaria to reach EU innovation level in 20 years

Bulgaria is expected to reach the level of innovation performance of the developed European Union member states within 20 years, Sofia News Agency reported Thursday.

The seventh edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), an instrument developed at the initiative of the European Commission under the Lisbon Strategy, places Bulgaria in the group of “catching-up countries” together with Greece, Romania, Poland and Hungary.

Based on trends of development over recent years, it would take the catching-up countries 20 or more years to close the gap between them and EU “innovation leaders” like Sweden, Denmark and Germany, the report said. The “innovation followers” in the EIS include Austria, Belgium, France, and Ireland, while “moderate innovators” are said to be the Czech Republic, Italy and Norway.

According to the report, the innovation gap between the EU and its two main competitors, the US and Japan, has been decreasing but still remains significant with the EU staying behind its rivals. Last week, Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev announced the government will invest more in science and innovations. (Xinhuanet)