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Builders call for accelerating EU projects

  Seeing the recent drastic lapse in orders for Hungary’s construction industry, the only option for the sector to survive is to pump fresh funds into the system through accelerating EU projects, said Tibor Tolnay, head of the national association of construction businesses ÉVOSz.

During the first ten months of the year, the performance of the building sector dropped 7.3% from the 2007 figure, while contract stock was down almost 15% by the end of October, Tolnay said. While the government claims that there is HUF 1,800–2,000 billion ($9.5-10.5 billion) worth of EU funding for construction investments in the pipeline, virtual figures are little help to builders without actual orders and public procurement procedures being initiated, he stressed.

A large number of public tenders planned for this year will only be realized in 2009, and only then not before the summer months. It is because of these developments that ÉVOSz continues to urge the government to speed up the announcement and evaluation of the EU tenders that could save the Hungarian industry, Tolnay added. (Gazdasági Rádió)