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Budapest to feature direct Georgia flight

Budapest Airport’s (BA) choice of destinations will be enhanced with another thus far unexplored region, BA announced in a press release. Sky Georgia will operate three flights a week between Budapest and Tbilisi as of 15 December.  

Budapest will be the Georgian airline’s first and only EU destination, which means that Ferihegy will serve as the gateway to other cities in the EU for Georgian passengers. Sky Georgia will transport passengers between the two capitals from mid-December with its one hundred-seater DC9 aircraft every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The flight arrives early in the morning and leaves in the afternoon, hence waiting for Georgian passengers to arrive from various destinations in Europe and in the world. Sky Georgia is a newcomer to Ferihegy, the 36th airline in Budapest Airport’s winter schedule, and Tbilisi is a new destination, the 85th. This means the carrier will enjoy the benefits of BA’s incentive scheme.

Tens of thousands of Georgians, primarily students studying abroad, live in EU member states. A significant number of them will now journey to their home country via Budapest. (press release)