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Budapest Airport expands incentive scheme to boost traffic

Budapest Airport (BA), the operator of the Ferihegy international airport in Budapest has further expanded its traffic boosting incentive scheme to be introduced on October 26 in order to support airlines in launching new routes and increasing the frequency of their existing routes with significant discounts, BA said in a press release.

The terms of the program were extended from three years to five years, therefore carriers that expand their network out of the Budapest airport with new destinations can enjoy the special rebates on landing fees for half decade. 

Airlines launching intercontinental flights will receive an exemption from landing charges for the first two years. In the third year they will have a discount of 75% and 50% in the fourth year. The carriers can still spare the quarter of the landing charges in the fifth year.

The measure of the incentives in case of non-long-haul new flights went also up to a 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10%.

Landing charges discounts for increasing the frequency of existing flights have also been increased. Airlines undertaking to increase the frequency of already operating flights will receive a fifty percent discount in the first and second year and twenty-five percent in the third year in landing charges.

The program was expanded with a new element: BA grants a significant discount from the passenger service charge (PSC) to airlines launching new routes in the off peak hours of the airport.

In the case of 50,000 departing passengers a year on a new route the reduction in PSC can reach 50%. (press release)