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Budapest Airport announces taxi tender

Ferihegy airport operator Budapest Airport Rt announced on Thursday a two-round open tender to operate taxi services at the airport.

The winner of the tender will be the company which meets the 60 quality conditions outlined in the invitation and “offers the lowest price for the highest level of service,” Budapest Airport CEO Chris Woodruff said.
The deadline for bidding in the first round, in which price will be the only factor, will close on June 19. Offers will be evaluated by June 29, and maximum three finalists will be invited to bid in the second round, the results of which will be announced on July 21. Budapest Airport will sign a contract for four years with the winner, with an option for a further one year.
The tender requires bidders to have a fleet of at least 150 vehicles not older than five years, and the winner of the tender will be required to reduce the age of the fleet to three years within one year of signing the contract. The winner must also guarantee a reasonable and transparent tariff schedule. The tariffs may be raised once a year, by the rate of inflation at most. However, exceptions could be made in the case of extraordinary circumstances, such as a drastic rise in petrol prices, Woodruff said.
Taxi drivers of the winning company will have to undergo security checks, just as other airport workers, and they must have a basic command of English.
Woodruff declined to estimate the number of passengers who travel by taxi from the airport, but a recent study showed that about a quarter of the annual 7 million passengers using the airport took taxis.
Woodruff noted the tender would not affect taxis travelers take to reach the airport.