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BT Global Services will raise staff to 600

The UK's BT Global Services will soon raise the number of staff at its customer service centers in Budapest and Debrecen (E Hungary) to about 600, Rogier Bronsgeest, head of customer service at BT Global Service said on Thursday.

The number of staff at the center in Debrecen will rise by about 60 to 220, Mr Bronsgeest said. Staff will grow because of an expanding customer base, he added. Mr Bronsgeest declined to give a firm date for the new hires.

The BT Global Services official acknowledged the strong ties between the company, the local government of Debrecen and the Debrecen University as well as the city's capable workforce. About 90pc of the staff at the service centre in Debrecen have a university diploma and most can speak at least two languages, he added. The service centre, established in 2007, serves BT clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. (MTI)