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BSE share turnover climbs more than 7% in 2010

Double-counted share turnover on the Budapest Stock Exchange rose 7.5% to HUF 11,045 billion in 2010, the bourse said based on data supplied by brokers.

Share turnover in December came to HUF 489 billion, down sharply from HUF 857 billion in November as investors closed their books for the year.

Including trade in investment fund units, compensation coupons and certificates as well as government, corporate and mortgage bonds, turnover on the spot market came to HUF 11,646 billion in 2010, up 6.2% from the previous year.

Erste Befektetési generated the most turnover on the bourse in 2010, brokering deals worth HUF 2,341 billion. The runner-up was Concorde Értékpapír, with HUF 1,484 billion, followed by Cashline, with HUF 892 billion, UniCredit Bank Hungary, with HUF 869 billion, and KBC Securities with HUF 825 billion.

On the derivatives market, turnover in individual share futures reached HUF 2,491 billion in 2010, up 17.2% from 2009. Turnover of BUX futures was up 72% at HUF 1,660 billion. Currency contract turnover fell 8.7% to HUF 3,727 billion.

In the commodities section, turnover of grain futures reached HUF 69.7 billion, down 26.9% from a year earlier. (MTI – Econews)