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Brokernet Group, Gránit Bank sign strategic partnership agreement

Top officials of the Brokernet Group and Gránit Bank Zrt have signed a strategic partnership agreement to demonstrate their confidence in each other and their commitment to cooperation, the Brokernet group told MTI on Wednesday.

The statement said the synergy of the two companies will allow Brokernet to offer modern, innovative banking products to existing and new customers.

The two companies aim to offer their products such as the premium financial package service to retail and SME customers. Furthermore, Brokernet and Gránit Bank also plan to sell and mediate retail mortgage loans and bank card products and services.

The agreement was signed by chairman of the board of Gránit Bank Ferenc Bartha Ferenc, deputy chairperson and CEO Éva Hegedűs, co-owner of the Brokernet Group Zoltán Körtvélyesi, and CEO of Brokernet Investment Holding Ottó Gecser.

Gránit Bank is a small bank recently acquired by Hungarian construction magnate Sándor Demján’s Hungarian Capital Company, a company that Demján established to help Hungary's SMEs. Gránit Bank had total assets of HUF 13.1bn at the end of 2010, according to preliminary figures.