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Bosch launches phase II of HUF 30 bln Budapest base

German engineering company Bosch on Friday launched the second phase of a HUF 30 billion base it is building in Budapest. Bosch will inaugurate the base's first building this summer. More than 350 staff in development, sales and administration at Robert Bosch Kft and Bosch Rexroth Kft will move into the facility. Bosch started building the base in 2011. It is to be completed in 2015. Javier Gonzalez Pareja, who heads Bosch's businesses in Hungary, said the company's R+D centre in Budapest, which it rents, already employs about 850 engineers, but headcount is expected to climb over 1,000 soon as more departments are added. National Economy Minister Mihály Varga, who participated at the launch, said the government would continue its well established connection with Bosch, benefitting the company and its workers. Bosch employed about 8,000 people in Hungary at the beginning of 2012. The company's turnover in the country reached HUF 134 billion in the 2011 business year.