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Bosch Budapest celebrates ten years of development

It was exactly 10 years ago that the first engineer started work in the unit that was the precursor of Bosch Development Center in Budapest. The division has expanded its portfolio since then, and the Development Center was created, now employing more than 430.

Around 2000, Bosch group was looking for a plant outside Germany to outsource its automotive industry development jobs or at least a part of them. Because of the relative vicinity to Germany, the similar cultures and the qualified workforce, they choose Hungary and Budapest. Following the decision, Bosch Hungary created a software developer unit where the first five mechanics started to work ten years ago. In the first year another five new employees joined the team.

This step laid the cornerstones of the Bosch Budapest Development Center. Today it employs 430 and includes seven units, all specializing in different areas of work. The center is responsible for self-supporting developments.