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Book market expands 7.8% in 2005

Hungary's book market expanded 7.8% in 2005 and was worth Ft 62.74 billion, the Association of Hungarian Publishers and Booksellers announced on Wednesday, a day before the start of the 77th Annual Book Week.

Books published in Hungary accounted for the majority of sales, with foreign-published books accounting for just Ft 4.2 billion of total turnover. Textbooks accounted for Ft 16 billion of turnover, or a little more than a quarter of the total.
There were 12,898 new titles in print at the end of 2005, 8% more than a year earlier. The number of copies published increased 28% to 40,974 during the same period. The average number of copies per title grew from to 3,177 from 2,857.
Hungarian households bought an average 10 books for a total Ft 15,700 in 2005.