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BoneVita up for sale again

BoneVita Egészségügyi Centrum Kft, a company owned by a group of doctors and medical investors, is up for up sale once again after a previous bid to sell the company flopped. BoneVita built a 44-bed state-of-the-art private hospital in Hévíz, west Hungary, for over Ft 1 billion in 2008, but the operator has run up debts totaling HUF 4 billion before it was forced into liquidation in February this year. Liquidator Ec-Cont Gazdaság-Ellenőrző és Vagyonértékesítő Kft has lowered the asked price by HUF 170 million for the 2,000-sqm property to HUF 500 billion. The deadline for submitting bids is January 8. (BBJ)