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Bonafarm member builds HUF 600 mln irrigation system

Agribusiness Dalmand, a member of food industry magnate Sándor Csányi's Bonafarm, is building an irrigation system on 560 hectares at a cost of almost HUF 600 million, Dalmand CEO János Ádám told MTI.

A European Union grant Dalmand won will cover 35% of the cost of the system, Ádám said. The investment is to be completed by the end of March 2011, he added.

Dalmand will grow hybrid maize on the irrigated area.

Dalmand had revenue of HUF 5.4 billion in 2009. It grows crops, including wheat, maize and oilseed, on about 8,800 hectares. (MTI – Econews)