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Bird flu in Poland under control

Polish Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki said Monday the bird flu virus detected last week on a turkey farm near Plock is under control.

The H5N1 virus was traced to two villages, Uniejewo and Mysliborzyce, near central Poland. A leading meat company said it received a delivery of 5,500 birds under consignment. Eight percent were dead or in bad condition, while three were found to have the bird flu virus. To contain the disease, birds from the two infected farms were culled, farm workers confined to quarters, roads within the vicinity shut down and warnings were issued. Jan Bondar, spokesman for the State Sanitary Inspectorate, said, „We have an economic, not a health problem. It has not yet been the case that a bird flu virus infected a person in Europe.” Sawicki promised affected farms will receive compensation for their slaughtered fowl, but said not all losses of affected farms will be covered. (