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Bird flu confirmed on Czech turkey farm

The first case of bird flu has been detected in a Czech poultry farm, the Czech news agency CTK announced on Wednesday citing the state veterinary service, AFP reported.

It was confirmed that bird flu had been found on a 6,000-strong turkey farm at Usti Nad Orlice in the north of the country where some of the birds had died, the agency said. Of the flock of 6,000 birds, 1,800 have died, CTK reported. The Regional Veterinary Office is taking stringent measures to prevent the disease from spreading. Any transfers of birds from the afflicted flock were banned and the previous transfers of the poultry were checked. A 3-kilometer inner protection zone and a 10-kilometer outer surveillance zone will also soon be in force. The remaining birds in the afflicted flock in the village of Tisova will be culled. „The turkey flock has been tightly sealed and the remaining birds will start to be culled on Thursday,” Agriculture Minister Petr Gandalovic said. The veterinary administration will check not only commercial but also private flock within the 10-kilometer zone, according to Gandalovic. Tests should be carried out on Thursday to determine whether the flu is the H5N1 strain, responsible for killing around 191 worldwide since 2003, the veterinary service said. (,