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BBJ focus: preventive healthcare


Eat healthily or pay

If you neglect your health, it’s only fair that you pay more for the time you become a burden on the health care system due to your choices. That’s the argument for taxing junk food, but the public and the food industry hate the idea.

How to heal health funds

Voluntary health funds could potentially take over some burdens from the state-run healthcare system and also improve the general quality of services – if they survive.

Counting points

Only patients taking their prescribed drugs accordingly would get full reimbursement if a recently announced concept of the government gets green light.

Making staff fit for office

The BBJ has asked some of the biggest Hungarian firms about their corporate health preservation strategy.

Bright lights for private clinics

Labor health is one of the biggest booming businesses for private hospitals, since major companies started placing special emphasis on corporate health economy. The BBJ’s market analysis.