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Banks encourage Christmas spending

Banks are doing their best to fuel the usual Christmas shopping frenzy. There are credit cards that can be used without any interest if the client pays back the loan by the deadline.

True, the grace period is usually as short as two weeks. Otherwise the interest is about 2% - 3%. Raiffeisen Bank Zrt’s preferential “Clever Card” can be used as both credit card and banking card. Also, Raiffeisen will remit the installments of the personal loans taken out before the end of December until 31 January.

CIB Zrt offers a shopping card that allows clients to spend Ft 100,000 a month, and, with new users, the 10 % of the first month’s spending will be credited by the bank. Budapest Bank Zrt is one of the few offering commodity loan, the 40% of this type of loans is always taken out during the last two months of the year. (Magyar Hírlap)