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Balabit Kft awarded with IT award

Balázs Scheidler, managing director of BalaBit Kft, has received the Tibor Gyúró Award in the "infocommunication manager of the year” category. A project of Microsec Kft has been awarded with "infocommunication project of the year” title.

Prezi, a presentation software, and 4D Anatomy Viewer, development of LandShark Software Kft, has been awarded with an innovation special award. 4D Anatomy Viewer is a healthcare education software, and it simulates operations for medical students who can practice complicated medical procedures.

From this year on, IVSz, the association of IT enterprises, will compliment companies and projects as well that created outstanding innovations in the infocommunications sector. The award was founded in 1997, and initially, it was meant to award the most successful company leaders and professionals in the IT sector.

Prezi was developed in 2008, and it is a user-friendly flash based internet software, meant for creating presentations.