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Azerbaijan to ban import of poultry products from Turkey, Ukraine

The State Veterinary Service of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Agriculture imposed a temporary ban on the import of poultry products from Turkey and Ukraine due to an outbreak of bird flu in these countries, the Service’s Press Secretary, Yolchu Khanveli, said today.

“We received official notification from the International Epizootic Bureau and immediately made the decision to impose an official ban of import of products from these countries,” he said. On 17 January the State Committee of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine notified of the laboratory confirmation of the high-pathogenic bird flu (H5N1 virus) in the poultry farm Lobzenko (in the village of Rovnoe in the region of Krasnogvardeyski). Some 153 birds died here from 15-17 January. More than 24,000 birds and 14,000 eggs have been destroyed at the poultry enterprise. The bird flu virus in Turkey was discovered on 19 January in the village of Saz in the Zonguldak province. The results of the tests confirmed that the virus belongs to the H5N1 virus. (