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Avermann-Holvex starts up HUF 100m glass recycling plant

German- and Hungarian-owned Avermann-Holvex has started operating a HUF 100 million glass recycling plant that was built with the support of EU funding in Csömör, on the outskirts of Budapest, managing director László Hollenda told MTI on Tuesday.

The plant can process a daily 6 to 7 tons of broken glass collected from selective waste points, breweries, bottlers and construction sites, Hollenda said. The glass is ground into dust and most is sold to the glass factory in Oroshaza. Some is exported to the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The company recycles 37,200 tons of glass a year, or a big part of the annual 180,000 tons that Hungarians throw away. It has another plant in Alsózsolca , northeast Hungary.

Avermann-Holvex expects revenue in 2009 to be about the same as the HUF 500 million in 2008. (MTI-Econews)