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Average price and revenue per hotel room in Hungary lags behind region last year

The average price of a hotel room in Hungary was the lowest and revenue per available hotel room (RevPAR) the last but one among five countries in the region in 2010, though average occupancy was slightly higher, the Hotel Association of Hungary said based on a survey on Monday.

The association compared data of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

The association said that the average price per hotel room in Hungary was €58.9 last year, compared to an average of €84.1 in the five aforementioned countries of central and eastern Europe in 2010, while RevPAR was €33.6 in Hungary, compared to a regional average of €45.9 last year. Average occupancy was 57.1% in Hungary last year, compared to a regional average of 54.6%.

Austria led the region in all three categories in 2010, with average occupancy of 70%, average price per room of €88.6 and RevPAR of €62.1.

Hotels in Budapest generated 52% of all hotel revenue in Hungary last year, including 72.6% of all revenue stemming from foreign tourists, the association said. (MTI-Econews)