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Avemar to launch new supplement format

Cancer treatment supplement maker Biropharma Kft announced the launch of a new format of its formula, Avemar. The pills are expected to boost sales and conquer new markets.

After one and a half years of research and development, Biropharma Kft launched a new pill format of its recognized cancer treatment supplement called Avemar. This format allows the patients to improve their health status in a more comfortable way.

Biropharma has been producing the supplement in its plant in Kunfehértó, Hungary for twelve years. The current development, having a budget of HUF 180 million, was half supported by EU funds for innovative business development, and a total of HUF 137 million was spent on R&D. “We are proud of our team consisting of Hungarian researchers, pharmacists and other professionals,” said development and quality control manager Klára Déri.

With the new format, Avemar’s sales can be boosted and the company is even planning to launch the product in new markets. “One of them could be the UK, because they show a huge interest towards Avemar,” Attila Erdős, scientific consultant for Biropharma Kft added.

Avemar’s positive effects have been proved by several international clinical studies as well. “We‘re not sure if Avemar fights cancer directly in the patients, but its active ingredients have been proved to work in cells,” said one of the ‘testers,’ oncology professor Paolo Marchetti of Sant’Andrea Hospital in Rome. (BBJ Online)