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Automotive interiors JV to exploit future growth in Eastern European markets

Proseat, a joint venture between the Belgian and Canadian polyurethane producers Recticel and Woodbridge, and Johnson Controls say they have decided to set up a new manufacturing joint venture for the production of moulded foam seating cushions in Slovakia and Poland to support the future growth in the Eastern European markets.

Proseat and Johnson Controls are responding to 'a lot of automakers setting up their business in Eastern Europe' which the joint investment in the two plants in Lucenec, Slovakia and Zory, Poland can serve. Both plants are part of the production joint venture in which Johnson Controls will hold the majority with 65% and Proseat the remaining 35%. In Slovakia, they will use the currently existing manufacturing capacity at the Johnson Controls plant in Lucenec. The new plant in Poland will be operational in November 2007 and will employ around 130 people. Proseat will now have 13 production sites in nine countries including Belgium, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. Johnson Controls now has over 23 plants. A statement from the companies said: “The cooperation between Proseat and Johnson Controls enables both companies to meet the rising demand in Eastern Europe in the future by producing close to the customer and cost-efficiently.” (