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Austrian Reter moves to Csorna, Hungary

Austrian medical instrument maker Reflektions Technik Rabenseifner GmbH (Reter) will deploy some of its production to Csorna (S-Central Hungary), managing director Heinz Rabenseifner confirmed daily NAPI Gazdaság information.

Reflektions Technik Rabenseifner GmbH will rent a building from the municipality earlier housing a dressmaker’s shop. The company decided on relocation because of a shortage of specialists and the expected lower costs. The management was trying to find proper specialists for over one year in Vienna and periphery – but in vain. Csorna will primarily make lighting equipment, medical navigation appliances for hospitals and health care institutions. The investment will be carried out by Reter’s Hungarian subsidiary, which will be registered within a couple of days. In the beginning Reter will employ a staff of 8-10, but staff will rise over 40 through a gradual relocation of operations. If everything goes well, Reter will consider extending the site by building other factory halls, or even carrying out a green-field investment. (NG)