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Audi to reach a deal on state subsidy soon

The contract on the state subsidy for Audi will be closed in a matter of days, state secretary Zsolt Becsey said in the national radio on Monday. The subsidy provided by the state can’t exceed 5% of the investment value and HUF 10 million per person, he added. The minister didn’t reveal precise figures but said the extent of the subsidy will be approximately HUF 11 billion which will be recouped in 4 years, the government calculates.

Investments of the two other German carmakers Opel and Mercedes are also in a near-final stage, Becsey said. The extent of subsidy to be given to Opel will be the same as that of Audi, however, due to the difficulties the car maker has faced, the government will review its entitlement.

Mercedes will finish the construction of its Hungarian factory in March, and will start pilot production right after.