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Audi starts producing ten-cylinder engines in Győr

Audi Hungaria Motor Kft has started making ten-cylinder fuel stratified injection (FSI) engines at its plant in Győr, northwest Hungary, the company announced on Thursday.

The plant will turn out about 200 of the new engines a week to go into 435-bhp Audi S6 and 450-bhp S8 models. Audi has invested Ft 600 million at the plant to start production of the engines.
Audi Hungaria made 1,693,609 engines in 2005, 14% more than in 2004. The company had revenue of €4.213 billion in 2005, 7.2% more than a year earlier and a new record for the unit. Audi AG has invested €2.8 billion at its unit in Hungary since setting it up in 1993.