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Audi Hungaria makes 1.8m engines in 2011

German carmaker Audi closed a record year at its base in the Hungarian city of Gyor, turning out more than 1.8m engines and almost 40,000 cars, Audi Hungaria said on Tuesday.

Audi Hungaria made 14.3% more engines and 2.4% more cars than a year earlier, the unit said.

Audi Hungaria made about 1,200 new hires last year, bringing headcount to 7,322 at year-end.

Audi Hungaria turned out 1,399,506 four-cylinder internal combustion and diesel engines last year, up from 1,284,967 in 2010. The number of five-cylinder internal combustion engines rose to 4,434 from 1,327 and the number of six-cylinder engines climbed to 447,835 from 328,138. The number of eight-cylinder engines fell by 205 to 27,201 and the number of ten-cylinder engines dropped to 4,320 from 5,773, but the number of twelve-cylinder engines rose by 42 to 461.

Audi Hungaria produced 19,688 TT Coupe models in 2011, 725 fewer than in 2010. It made 5,804 Audi TT Roadster models, level with the year before. The number of A3 Cabriolet models fell to 11,752 from 12,309. It assembled 2,236 Audi RS 3 Sportbacks, a new model.

The plant started making 14 new engine variants in 2011.

"We closed a successful year with high production volume," Audi Hungaria Motor head Thomas Faustmann said. "Thanks to our innovative and attractive products, as well as the flexibility of our workforce, we achieved significant growth in 2011," he added.