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Audi Hungária makes 12% more engines, assembles 92% more cars in 2006

Audi Hungária Motor produced 1,839,600 engines in 2006, 12% more than in 2005; the number of cars the plant assembled jumped 92% to 23,669, communications director Mónika Czechmeister told MTI on Monday.

Audi Hungária made 11% more four-cylinder diesel motors, 12% more six-cylinder engines and 32% more eight-cylinder engines. The plant made 5,800 ten-cylinder engines in 2006, the first year of production. The engines go into a number of makes owned by Volkswagen, including Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat models. Of the sports cars the plant assembled, about half were end-of-run models. Assembly of the second-generation TT Coupe started in the summer and assembly of the new Roadster model started at the end of the year. (Mti-Eco)