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Apple’s iPad now in the neighborhood

Apple will begin to sell its iPad tablet in Austria on Friday, which is among the nine countries Apple selected for the second round launch of the product. Distribution in Hungary is allegedly beginning in the autumn.

The new launch of the touch screen device might draw some attention away from the faulty stories of the iPhone 4 launch.

The iPad tablet first launched on April 3 in the United States, and was taken to another nine countries in the first distribution round. With the second launch, the number of the countries where the tablet will be available will total 19.

Apple said it has plans to release the device into “many more countries” still in 2010. This would include Hungary as well. In the meantime, consumers can travel only to Vienna to get it firsthand. The basic model will cost €499 while the most expensive version will be €799.

According to estimates, Apple will have sold about 3.5 million devices in the third quarter. (BBJ)