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Aphrodite/Venus Hotel building HUF 100 mln historical adventure park in W Hungary

The Aphrodite/Venus Hotel (Zalakaros, W Hungary) is building a HUF 100 million historical adventure park in the nearby village of Garabonc, hotel director Eszter Németh told MTI on Sunday. 

Eszter Németh said that the hotel received HUF 50 million in support for the investment from the Western Transdanubian Regional Development Agency. The historical adventure park will focus on the arrival of the Hungarians to the Carpathian Basin in the late 800s and the period of the Ottoman Turkish occupation of Hungary from the early 1500s until the late 1600s, Eszter Németh said.

The Aphrodite/Venus Hotel director said that construction of a wooden castle has already begun at the site, which will also include a yurt camp and exhibition honoring the seven chieftains who led the Magyars to their homeland, a handicraft house, an archery range, a horse-riding area, an animal exhibition and a small cheese plant.