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Answers from the CEO of the next generation

Péter Baldaszti, CEO of Doit HR Services and Consulting Ltd. reflects on the success of his company in the past two years.

Q: In short, how did you start your business?
Our family has over ten-years of experience in different fields of HR management at other companies and in 2005 we decided to launch our own business. On the basis of the Blue Ocean Strategy our aim was to create our own market-space, so we developed such a comprehensive service portfolio that aims to provide individual, flexible and innovative strategic HR solutions.

Q: How are your services differentiated from those of the multinational HR companies?
At any HR question, we try to outline several alternative solutions describing both their positive and negative aspects. Understanding both sides, our Client can then decide which option is the most suitable for the given company. Moreover, due to our colleagues’ professionalism and enthusiasm we are open to find atypical, unique solutions within the law of course. Meeting our Clients’ requirements is our ultimate goal. We offer global knowledge at local practices.
To sum up, we do not sell predetermined packages; rather we offer employer-friendly and company-specific solutions. I believe that is the key to our success.

Q: What are those achievements that you are the most proud of?
Even though we have just undergone a complete brand and image change, due to our former relations and the innovative HR solutions we offer, especially in the fields of IT and employer-branding, we have several new acquisitions in view that would necessitate the opening of further offices nation-wide.
In case of one of our Clients, during the last year, by building a close and strong relationship and by learning the working environment in detail, we could propose such an efficient and financially also measurable solution that inclined the company to choose us as the most-preferred countrywide supplier.

Q: After such a dynamic growth, what are your plans for the future?
On one hand, our plan is to become one of the leading HR services and consulting companies in CEE within 5 years. As a first step, to get acquainted with our brand-new image and name, we shall not only be present as exhibitors, but shall also hold a presentation on the second day of the Personal Hungary Exhibition. On the other hand, besides acquiring and serving a large number of satisfied Clients, our goal is to set an example with our contented and motivated employees.

Thank your for your answers, I am sure we shall hear about you soon.