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AmCham hails “milestone” agreement with government

The President of AmCham Hungary, István Havas, signed what he called a “milestone” strategic partnership agreement with Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics in Parliament, with the aim of building closer cooperation between business and legislators.

According to AmCham, the long-term goal is that, in accordance with Act #131 of 2010 on Preparing New Legislation and on Public Discussions on Drafts, direct consultation “will lead to the introduction of better quality, more effective laws that correspond to public interest.”

AmCham’s mission is to promote the global competitiveness of the country, and this clearly fits that, but the chamber also clearly feels the agreement is a powerful statement in its own right. “This is a milestone for building trust, and trust should always be based on mutual dialogue, understanding and information sharing,” Havas said. “We should find common interests during dialogue, that is our aim.”

Navracsics, who heads the Public Administration Ministry, said “The government can only be strong if it has the support of experts and different circles and can serve mutual interests… It is highly important that we know the interests of our partners. We have this paper [the agreement] but we also need the practice, based on personal relationships.”

Areas covered in the cooperation agreement, which was developed jointly by Navracsics and Havas, include constitutional and administrative law, corporate law, taxation, labor law and environmental regulation among others. Either party may initiate a dialogue, but the MPA promises to advise AmCham of legislative concepts and draft legislation ahead of time so that the chamber can prepare an expert opinion.