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Airport police reject Ryanair complaints

The Hungarian police do their job in line with European Union practices and under EU regulations at Budapest's international Liszt Ferenc airport, the spokesman of the national police force told MTI on Saturday.

György Makula responded to low-cost airlines Ryanair's complaining about what the company sees as too stringent control and announcing the cancellation of 13 flights over the next two weeks. 

Police insist that pilots and flight attendants leave incoming flights for passport control though they only have 25 minutes before the return flight takes off. 

According to Ryanair, there is no such practice at any of the 170 other European airports the company uses. 

In a statement Ryanair said that two of their flights had not received take-off permits on March 1 and 2, after the crew refused to go through the control procedure due to the short time between the flights. 

Airport operator Budapest Airport on Friday said on its website that it would mediate in settling the dispute between the police and the airline company.