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Airbus estimates Russia will need 921 airliners by 2026

Airbus, Europe’s leading aircraft manufacturer, says Russia will require 921 airliners worth $79 billion by 2026, the head of the company’s Russian division said on Wednesday.

“Russia is in the group of the world’s top ten leaders in terms of demand for Airbus planes. Our latest forecast shows that the demand for airliners seating more than 100 passengers will total 921 planes from 2007 to 2026, including 793 narrow-body and 128 wide-body aircraft worth $79 billion,” Vadim Vlasov said.

Russia ranks sixth among countries with strong demand for new airliners. It is preceded by the United States, China, the UK, Germany and India. According to Airbus’s latest forecast, global demand for economic, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient aircraft will grow to cater for ever increasing passenger flows. (