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Active mobile phone subscription number falls in August

The number of active mobile phone subscriptions in Hungary reached 10,654,000 at then end of September, down 8,000 from end-August, but up 175,000 from twelve months earlier, according to figures published by the National Communications Authority (NHH).

In terms of the number of active subscribers, Vodafone's share rose from 21.94% to 22.10% in September, T-Mobile's share increased from 44.65% to 44.66%, while Pannon's market share dropped from 33.41% to 33.25%. Compared to twelve months earlier, T-Mobiles share climbed 0.15 percentage point, Pannon's rose 0.13 percentage point, but Vodafone's dropped 0.27 percentage point.

The number of active and inactive mobile phone subscriptions in Hungary reached 11,783,000 at the end of September, down 54,000 from the end of August, but 11,000 more than twelve months earlier.

T-Mobile's share of all subscriptions fell from 44.31% to 44.19% in September and Pannon's share dropped from 34.54% to 34.44%, while Vodafone's rose from 21.14% to 21.37%. In twelve months, T-Mobile's market share grew 0.39 percentage point, Pannon's fell 0.97 percentage point and Vodafone gained 0.58 percentage point.

The percentage of pre-paid SIM cards fell to 58.1% in September from 59.2% three months earlier and 61.4% twelve months earlier. (MTI – Econews)