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ACE Telecom revenue climbs 21% in 2010

Hungary's ACE Telecom's revenue rose 21% to HUF 494 million in 2010, the company said.

ACE Telecom regularly posts annual revenue rises over 20%, and it spends at least 20% of its revenue on developments, said managing director Ádám Strelisky. Last year, capital expenditures came to HUF 120 million and included the extension of ACE Telecom's optical backbone network from 90 km to 135 km, he added.

ACE Telecom has 2,000 contracts with clients and 3,000 connected endpoints. Retail clients account for 36% of all contracts.

Turnover from corporate contracts accounts for about 80% of ACE Telecom's revenue.

This year, ACE Telecom plans to boost its revenue about 20% again, said Strelisky. It will add another 50 km to its optical network and hire more staff, he added.

The company recently bought two peers, in Rétság and in Budapest, and it plans to make more acquisitions in 2011, Strelisky said. The recent acquisitions raised the number of subscribers by 350.