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3D television awarded best tech innovation

The first ever Innovation Tech Show Award went to 3D television developer iPont Kft at an event showcasing the best upcoming Hungarian talent in mobile and multimedia.

The most popular installation of the first Innovation Tech Show, organized by Mobility and Multimedia Cluster, was the 3D television, and it also got the most votes from the participating professionals. The developer, iPont Kft was awarded „Best Innovation” and also a service pack worth HUF 10 million.

iPont has already business partners in the United Arab Emirates for the use of the 3D TV in architecture design. It is in negotiation about the use of its 3D interactive application for medical purposes. In middle terms, the company is focusing on further development of 3D LCDs.

Besides the winning project, 22 others got to showcase their innovative ideas and products: the participant could try to work a virtual reality, use a telemetric appliance or control a software by gestures.

According to event organizer cluster manager Gábor Lemák, 60 ICT project were analyzed in the last two years and 10 of them got to the phase when it could be introduced to the market. However, There could be even more and targeting also the international market, if there was a proper environment for R&D, he stressed.

For accentuating the effect innovation could make on Hungary’s performance, a strategic research plan was presented by the Mobility and Multimedia National Technology Platform, which showed how the domestic mobile and new media sector could develop by 2020.

“With a proper infrastructure, investors and innovation management, Hungarian ICT developments could play a significant role in the global market,” platform manager Gábor Pukler said. (BBJ Online)