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„Made in the EU” label planned for food and drinks

All food and drinks produced in the European Union (EU) may be required to bear a „Made in the EU” label soon, according to a proposal being considered by the European Commission.

The proposal, prepared by Markos Kyprianou, EU commissioner for health and consumer protection, says all goods of which final production takes place in the EU, including those which made use of imported resources, would be included under the label, the EU observer reported on Monday.

Only meat products would be excluded, and would have to retain their national production label. The „Made in the EU” proposal, set to be made public in late December, is one of the new labeling requirements for food products now considered by the commission.

One of the other ideas is to require producers to show the content of fat, sugar and salt on pre-packaged food products, the amount of calories on the label of their products, which is designed to tackle diabetes and obesity-related diseases. The commission gave up similar proposals in 2004 due to opposition from several countries, either for expense reasons or wanting to keep their national labels. (peolple)