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TEDxDanubia 2013 – Crossing the Line

Hungary’s first, independently organized TEDx event, TEDxDanubia was organized last Friday at the Uránia National Film theater. The conference, titled Crossing the Line intended to to bring together the most exciting, most innovative and most inspiring thinkers and creators of the region and cross the lines of our everyday lives.

From musicians to award-winning war correspondents (Al Ghaui Hesna, pictured), to executive coaches and theoretical particle physicist Benjamin Allanach, the entire region represented itself to share „ideas worth spreading”, and to talk about innovative or inspiring theories that are capable of defining the world today as well as shaping it in the future.

We live in a world characterized by opportunities and connection, by an abundance of choices and stimuli, by great wealth and freedom, the organizers of TEDxDanubia highlighted. But we also live in a world defined and constrained by lines we do not cross: the lines of the impossible, the lines of differences, the lines of fear and the lines of poverty, the lines of mistrust and intolerance, the lines of ignorance, doubt and indifference. Lines that seemingly and rarely protect, but more often imprison us.

Thus, the motto of this year’s TEDxDanubia Conference: Crossing the Line, emphasizing that issues especially profoundly important ones need to be faced in a meaningful way with an open and solution-focused mind. Creativity, new ideas, and thorough understanding of today’s constraints all add up to solving present challenges on a different level than they were created or formed. “It is about breaking our well accustomed, comfortable, but ultimately toxic old patterns that do not work for us any more, and finding new ones that actually do. It is about genuinely accepting and facing our challenges and about finding better ways forward,” the leaflet of the conference states.

The TEDxDanubia conference took place on March 22, and after a short period of video editing all presentations will be accessible from the event’s website at