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Zalahús acrues debts of Ft 5 bln

Zalahús Rt has accumulated some Ft 5 billion in debts over the past few years, Vectigalis Rt, the company responsible for compiling the liquidation documents for Zalahús has stated. The company has Ft 1.7 billion bank loans, Ft 1.7 billion suppliers' dues, owes an additional Ft 100 million to the State and its liquidation costs are estimated to be Ft 1.3 billion. The sales of Zalahús's assets started even before the compilation of the company's final balance. Due to the poor interest in the transactions the total sales revenue is expected to be some Ft 2.5 billion. Since the amount will not cover the company's liquidation costs, debts and dues, most the suppliers will remain unpaid. (Nb 6) Fr. Sz.