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World Science Forum opens in Budapest

The second World Science Forum opened in Budapest on Thursday with over 500 scientists and researchers from all parts of the world attending. Opening the three-day event, Hungarian President László Sólyom highlighted responsibility for future generations, freedom of research, and autonomy of science from among the topics to be discussed.
The president emphasised the need of links between basic and
applied research, and the importance of sharing scientific
achievements with others.
Szilveszter Vizi E., President of the Hungarian Academy of
Sciences (MTA), said the forum would offer an excellent opportunity
for scientists and decision makers to discuss the role of science in
everyday life, and examine the ethical issues of scientific
research. The MTA president called it a moral obligation for scientists
to guarantee the proper utilisation of knowledge, and address and
remedy social, psychological, environmental, health and economic
The first World Science Forum, held in Budapest two years ago,
examined the relationship between science and society.